Encaustic and Oil Fine Art Painting


Nature is my muse, and I am inspired by its unrelenting qualities of rejuvenation and decay. In nature things change and evolve; as individuals, we do also. Cold Wax & Oil and Encaustics lend themselves perfectly to expressing the idea of change, renewal and evolution. They render the opportunity to show the history of the painting by building layers. The layers may obscure or reveal other layers, creating a new definition of the work itself. To me, these techniques and the resulting paintings represent the layers of a life and the experiences that make the life unique. Art has always been a part of my life. I worked as a graphic designer and in the last 18 years have been a full-time artist.


I am a painter of Cold Wax & Oil, encaustic and create copper jewelry. Nature is a main theme.

  • Open:  FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY, 10 a.m to 5 p.m.

  • (Cluster) Stop 2/3, at Whitewoven Textile Arts Studio

  • Street Address: 2542 Dellwood Rd., Waynesville NC 28786

  • Phone: 919-260-9889

  • email: art@judelobe.com

  • website: ColdWaxandOil.com

  • Stairs: NO

  • Parking: YES

  • Restroom: NO

  • Handicap Access: YES

  • website: www.ColdWaxandOil.com

  • FB: Jude-Lobe-Fine-Art

  • Instagram: judelobe