Design & Clay Work

Functional Handmade Pottery

As a long time potter, I am asked frequently by my customers as they walk around my gallery, how I can make so many different designs and colors. I explain, “to me, life is so vast and full, everything that surrounds me is an inspiration. It’s hard for me to stick to just one line or design of work.” I tell them I would get bored if I didn’t experiment, and that’s the truth! I currently have over 16 glaze colors and just as many unique styles of work. I work with stoneware clay and everything I make is microware, diswasher and oven safe.

“Most of all I want people to enjoy a well-made mug or piece of pottery that they want to use every day because it brings them happiness. I often joke with people that my pottery will make their food and beverages taste better. But in truth, that is what I want to give as a creator…an experience with a handmade piece that they want to enjoy themselves and give to others.”



Unique and functional handmade pottery for everyday use.

  • Open:  FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Stop #1, Downtown Waynesville

  • GPS Street Address: 136 Depot Street, Waynesville NC; 1 block from N.Main St., downtown Waynesville.

  • Phone: 828-246-0218

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  • Handicap access: YES

  • Stairs: NO

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